Miami Lakes Educational Center

Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC) and its entire faculty have a goal: to turn its students into highly qualified workforce, and to an extent, a better person, through state-of-the-art academic, career, and technological education, with a skilled faculty of teachers and administrators to assist all students.

MLEC is well-known as being one of the only three schools in the area to provide career education along with the standard core class. The vocational certification students receive is an example of the myriad of ways the school prepares its students for the future. Students are encouraged to form their own clubs and organizations within the school and feed the burgeoning interests of their fellow classmates. Students always have something to look forward to, as dances, pep rallies, and talent showcases are sponsored regularly.

In total, there are 26 strands, or specializations, to choose from, divided within 5 academies: Cambridge, Communication and Entertainment Technology, Entrepreneurship, Health Sciences, and Information Technology.

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The Academies and their Strands are as follows:

Cambridge Academy

The Cambridge Academy exposes students to a rigorous academic course that includes Cambridge AICE Diploma program, mandatory AICE and AP classes, and dual-enrollment in Miami Dade College. It also encourages students to plan for college early, participate and assume leadership roles in the school’s clubs and government, and strive to reach their utmost potential.

Engineering student working with a mill.


    • Engineering
    • Forensic Science
    • Journalism


Communication & Entertainment Academy

The Communication & Entertainment Academy includes courses that require artistic skills and trains students in their technical and commercial applications. The focus of the academy is the manner in which human beings develop, collect, disseminate, and transfer information through symbols, particularly via mass media.


    • Commercial Art Technology
    • Drafting Technology
    • Music Technology and Sound Engineering
    • Technical Theatre
    • Television Production

Entrepreneurship Academy

The Entrepreneurship Academy trains students to develop and enhance the abilities needed to work in and run various business enterprises.

Automotive students working on a car


    • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
    • Automotive Collision Repair
    • Automotive Service Technology
    • Culinary Arts
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Financial Services
    • International Business & Marketing
    • Major Appliance Repair & Refrigeration Repair

Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy instructs students in many diverse health fields, providing a practical knowledge base as well as excellent hands-on practice with the facilities available in school, such as the child-care room, and requiring that the students join the Health Occupations Students of America and that they have clinical hours.


Dental students practicing with the equipment

    • Allied Health/Medical Assisting
    • Allied Health/Pharmacy Aide Technician
    • Dental Aide
    • EMT/First Responder
    • Introduction to Practical Nursing
    • Nursing Assistant


Information Technology Academy

 The Information Technology academy  instructs students in networking and computer operation so that they may one day take their place in the ever expanding technology sector.


IT student working on computer

  • Computer Systems Technology (Cisco Networking Academy) 
  • Electronic Technology
  • Web Design Technology

More in-depth information about the academies and their strands can be found here.

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